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Sascha Ley
World Premiere

21.02.2024, 20:00

23.02.2024, 20:00

25.02.2024, 17:00

27.03.2024, 20:00

29.03.2024, 20:00

Cosmos (Not Enough) is a stream of consciousness, a reflection and research on unequal perception, memory and reality, on being a woman, being a man, being oneself, on relationship, desire, lust, love, polarity, erotic attraction and the different experience of space and time.


Based on a project of lyrical prose, word collages and illustrations Sascha Ley developed the hybrid text form of her Cosmos (Not Enough) as an interdisciplinary performance that combines storytelling, images, sound, music and movement into an experimental playground.


In collaboration with light, video and sound artist Krischan Kriesten, Ley combines her skills as a multidisciplinary artist to reflect the fascinating inner world of passion, desire for communication and knowledge in a performance that addresses both personal and universal themes and provokes through its abstract poetry and directness.


Sascha Ley is a Luxembourgish-German actress, vocalist,  improviser and polyglot poet who constantly explores new frontiers with a penchant for offbeat projects. In addition to music and acting, she continues to be active as a performer and occasional director, co-works with contemporary dancers and is involved in the word of visual arts. Krischan Kriesten studied fine arts with Ulrike Rosenbach (video and performance) and Christina Kubisch (sound and installation). He works as a light, sound and video designer for opera, new music, theatre, dance, performances and installations throughout German-speaking countries and the greater SaarLorLux region.


Text, performance, video, sound: Sascha Ley                       

Light, video, sound: Krischan Kriesten

Outside Eye, choreographic advice: Sylvia Camarda

Costumes: Denise Schumann

With: Sascha Ley


A coproduction: Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Escher Theater

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