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Are you looking for a fun, social after-work event in Luxembourg City that will challenge your brain cells? Bar National will be putting on general knowledge quizzes during the season 2019/20. Maximum 4 persons per team, and it’s 4€ per person to take part – the winning team takes all the money.

For additional info, call Ture 661 400 904.

The quiz starts at 20h, and the bar is open from 19h.

Quiz dates:

12th, 26th September 2019 2nd, 30th October 2019

6th, 21th November 2019


9th January 2020

6th, 20th February 2020

5th, 26th March 2020

2nd, 23th April 2020

7th, 21st May 2020

4th June 2020

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