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#WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump

Written and performed by Erik Abbott, with direction by Christine Probst, #WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump is a solo piece that theatrically explores the curious phenomenon of the Donald Trump Presidency. One actor portrays several Trump supporters from a Coal Miner to a member of the US Congress. The characters, some of whose monologues are based on published interviews with real voters, present a variety of voices and viewpoints—alternately sympathetic, funny, perhaps frightening—and reveal a complex emotional and cultural tapestry examining the Trump effect in a compelling, theatrical way.

Text: Erik Abbott

Director: Christine Probst

Performed by: Erik Abbott

Produced by: Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg

20, 21, 22, 23 September, 20.00

24 September, 17h00

Théâtre National du Luxembourg


Approximately 75 minutes