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    Auteur :

    Pierre Joris

    Metteur en scène :

    Marion Poppenborg

    Décors :

    Christoph Rasche

    Avec :

    Sascha Ley a.o.

    Une production :

    Théâtre National du Luxembourg

    Lieu de production :

    Théâtre National du Luxembourg

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    14 juin 2016
    Tickets Vendredi
    17 juin 2016
    Tickets Mardi
    21 juin 2016
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World Premiere


Ingeborg Bachmann was born in 1926 in Klagenfurt. Although she published only two collections of poetry before being overtaken by a crisis which led her away from the lyric genre, she is one of the most significant German poets of the twentieth century.


On 25 September 1973, Ingeborg Bachmann was seriously injured by a fire in her Rome apartment. She was hospitalized but perished weeks later. If Bachmann has (like many great female writers) become somewhat of a mythical figure in the popular imagination, it is in no small part due to the manner of her death, combined with her troubled personal life. Her true legacies, however, are her writing and the moral imperatives it powerfully conveys.


The Agony of Ingeborg Bachmann, a three-act drama, imagines the last days (the two final weeks, in fact) of Bachmann who is slowly dying of burn-wounds, and who, in her agony, is visited by the voices of the three most important men in her life: her great early love, a poet who was essential for her development as a woman and as a writer, even though their relationship was doomed; a highly esteemed composer with whom she had a life-long long & close friendship and often collaborated; a famous novelist and playwright with whom she shared a debilitating and profoundly destructive relationship over a number of years.


Although a work of the imagination, the play also draws on the writings of the four main characters as well as on their published correspondence. Pierre Joris, the TNL author in residence 15/16, explains this circumstance as follows: Any resemblance with persons who have actually existed in the past is due, or can be attributed, if such attribution is necessary or desired, to my lack of imagination, or to my dislike of fiction, or to my desire not to make up what doesn’t need to be made up.


Die Agonie der Ingeborg Bachmann ist ein Auftragswerk, das Pierre Joris im Rahmen seiner Residenz für das Théâtre National entwickelt hat. Joris schreibt in englischer Sprache. Die im Stück vorkommenden deutschsprachigen Autoren werden auch in ihrer Sprache zu erleben sein. Die erfolgreiche Regisseurin Marion Poppenborg macht hier ihre zweite Arbeit für das TNL.